Georgia Argyle

As an Education Consultant, I bring over 20 years of experience working in management, education, special needs support, and student advocacy. For the past five years, I have been working with Jodi Bergman as the co-founder of Bergman and Argyle Counselling and Consulting where w

I have worked with children in a variety of caregiving and educational settings from large groups to one-on-one support. Through these experiences, I have come to recognize the need to expand education services and supports through a collaborative model that is child-centered and developmentally appropriate. This approach ensures that each child receives the care and adaptations they need to succeed.

I have worked with students from age 2.5 to 23 years providing developmentally appropriate learning support for each age and ability. My personal study of Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté’s work on attachment and relationship has provided the foundation for my work with children. I begin with building trust through connection, then move into goal setting and academic work which allows me to support the student without resistance or anxiety. As an education consultant, I use these same skills and strategies to guide the education team towards a shared goal of best practices for the student.




Education Consultant


Enrolled in MA of Education Bachelor of Professional Arts Certificate in Early Childhood Education

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Compassionate Communication Social Inclusion Approach Literacy Links Business Execution

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