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I am a therapeutic counsellor and consultant working to support clients as they integrate mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process.


As the parent, YOU are your child’s best bet, and my approach is to walk alongside your experiences, supporting you to see your child through a lens that is focused on connection and attachment. Together we will walk the maze, making sense of difficult behaviours.


Working in a group will be both informative and supportive as we bring the challenges into real time-space. Answering questions, exploring the info, and sharing experiences.


Using the attachment-based developmental approach we will identify the underlying emotions that drive behaviour and how as adults we can support.


Together we will explore the blocks that arise as you work towards becoming your child’s answer. We must be able to self-regulate before we can co-regulate. This skill is fostered through inner reflection, self-care, and attention to our own needs.


Together we will develop a plan of action that explores the root of the problem while compassionately addressing troubling behaviours. We are our child’s answer.

“Jodi has been quietly mastering the work of Gordon Neufeld and integrating it into her family dynamics with her partner and their 7 children. Yes! Seven children!! Jodi is pure light and her compassion shines through as she lovingly supports families to connect and build attachment. Jodi is dedicated to bringing joy into family life and elevating the spirit of our children. Her work is a blessing.”

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