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Education consultants, Georgia Argyle and Jodi Bergman provide professional services throughout the interior of BC. Using a collaborative approach, we observe students and develop educational programming to support their individual needs.


Observing the learning and behaviour strategies of individual students is the key to understanding how they learn and what supports they need. Careful observation provides insight into the learning style, attention capacity and optimal participation levels for each student.<br /> Georgia and Jodi visit student’s schools, homes, playgrounds and other important locations to observe students in their daily interactions with people and environments. We take note of the adaptations already in place, the stretches the child has to make to access services and the ways that they meet success. We are looking for what is already working and what needs to be changed.<br /> With this information, we consult with the support team to design a program that is best suited to the student.



When students have developmental and learning support needs, we know that individualized education is the foundation of inclusive classrooms and special education services. Determining the best adaptations and learning strategies takes time and careful observation combined with full team consultations.<br /> Georgia and Jodi offer consultation services to individuals and organizations who are trying to determine the best education pathway for themselves or the student in their care. We work with the whole team to design the most individually appropriate plan for the student, ensuring short and long-term success. We also work with you to identify the services available within the school system, community and government agencies.



Advocacy is an important step in securing adaptation supports for students in the classroom and the wider community. Georgia and Jodi and available to accompany you or your student to an IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting or other education support meetings when requested.<br /> We also provide advocacy coaching for adults and students to help develop the language and terminology needed to properly advocate in education and workplace settings.<br /> We understand that it can be overwhelming to learn about your student’s needs, process the emotions and be an effective advocate. We will take the time to help you work through the pieces, understand what your needs are and then provide you with resources to make this easier to navigate.

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    Education Consulting

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    Education consulting services include personal observation time, team consultations, education programming development,  student advocacy, and additional support as requested.

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