Why can’t we just get along?

This is a common question asked by parents, caregivers, and family members. 

I am an educator, presenter, and consultant devoted to helping adults make sense of the children in their care.

Using Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s natural childhood development model where the attachment is the foundation of the emotional, physical and social growth of the child.

My goal is to work compassionately and skillfully as I support adults to identify and address their child/family needs through therapy, seminars and support groups.

My wish is to inspire adults to understand, grow, and deepen their connection with the children in their care using attachment as the key. Through awareness, acknowledgment, and then action we can make informed choices.

They said

Jodi has been quietly mastering the work of Gordon Neufeld and integrating it into her family dynamics with her partner and their 7 children. Yes! Seven children!! Jodi is pure light and her compassion shines through as she lovingly supports families to connect and build attachment. Jodi is dedicated to bringing joy into family life and elevating the spirit of our children. Her work is a blessing. shyloe fayad

Radical Wondering  

The understanding of relationships is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action.

J Krishnamurti  

Jodi is just one of those people who GET it. If you’re ever feeling lost on your parenting journey, get in touch with her NOW! In an inspiring, empowering, and 100% judgment-free way – she’ll uncover how you can make parenting work for you, understand your children and yourself better and create peace in your home.

hanna horner – Wellness by Hanna  

Seek first to understand – then to be understood.

Dr. Covey  

Welcome to Parent Consulting

Exploring Parenting

“Why can’t our kids come with an instruction manual? This is a common question in a world where we can feel inundated with parenting info. Sorting through difficult situations can be challenging and overwhelming. We just want to do the right thing – but what is that????
Parent Consultation sessions focus on supporting adults to answer the questions:
What do I see………..
What does my child need from me…………
As the parent, YOU are your child’s best bet, and my approach is to walk alongside your experiences, supporting you to see your child through a lens that is focused on connection and attachment. Together we will walk the maze, making sense of difficult behaviours. Using the model of Awareness, Acknowledge, Action.

Jodi’s Services


  Family counselling


  Parent support consultation


  Individual Therapy


  Couple counselling


  Stress issues


  Anxiety disorders


  Adolescent therapy

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